3/7/17 Meeting Lehigh Valley For All Minutes

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March 7, 2017

Call to Order: 6:38 PM

  1. Executive Committee Report
    1. Vice President:
      1. The committee met 2 weeks ago for formation-type discussions. This included dividing duties, what issues will be covered by who, and planning future executive-level communications
    2. Treasurer:
      1. Current Income: $0
      2. Current Expenses: $0
      3. $10 annual dues were decided upon. The Treasurer will collect dues from members at meetings, will provide receipts and keep records. Revenue from dues will go toward supplies for LV4All activities.
    3. Announcement:
      1. Meeting Space will be moved to the United Steelworkers building starting with the April meeting. Please bring $1 per person to rent the space
    4. Committee Reports
      1. Communications:
        1. Social Media is now active, so please interact with us. If you have any relevant content you think should be on the Facebook page, please share it.
        2. The website will launch this month: http://www.lv4all.org
        3. The Writing Team is developing to create more content, including letters to the editors.
        4. Research is going to be focused on:
          1. Fair Districts PA
          2. Environmental Issues, which will supplement our local March for Science
  • Local elections, including where we need petition signings to get progressive candidates on the ballot
  1. Immigration and how we can support a progressive immigration agenda locally
  1. Outreach:
    1. Please consider attending local meetings (township, school board, etc.), and comment – whether it’s critique or praise
      1. A list of local meetings will be forthcoming
    2. Outreach Committee will be trying to set up local meet & greets with candidates
    3. Currently creating a Google Sheet of local groups; please contact kschively@rcn.com or info@lv4all.org if you know of a local, regional or state group which should be added
  2. Events:
    1. Postcard Writing Event: during the March meeting, we had people write postcards to Toomey & Trump
    2. March for Science: Local March For Science will be at Payrow Plaza in Bethlehem on April 22, 2017, 1-3 PM. It already has a Facebook Event page, and is now connected to the International March for Science.
      1. Theme will be the Environment, for which we will have speakers
      2. A staging party to make signs and brain hats will take place in April – either during the April 4 meeting, or at a TBD time/place.
        1. For signs, we’d like to use recycled or reused materials, so please save cardboard, etc.
        2. For hats, “brains” are being crocheted. Please bring a hat to add the brain to, plus $1 to cover materials.
      3. Next committee meeting: March 16 @ Nazareth Wegmans (NEED TIME)
    3. Volunteer Coordination:
      1. Call Script is being organized. Right now, 8 people are calling 800 volunteers, which is too much. Please volunteer for the volunteer coordination committee
      2. A Google Sheet is being organized to keep track of volunteers and members.
      3. A mass email, including a survey, will be forthcoming. Please keep your eyes out for this.
      4. Local Democratic Committees are giving us volunteer info so we can invite people to work with us
      5. Next committee meeting: March 22
    4. General:
      1. Members should be trying to do 4 things per month:
        1. Go to general meetings. Going forward, please bring $1 per meeting to go toward renting the space
        2. Go to committee meetings
  • Go to a rally or event
  1. Take 1 action step of your choice (such as going to other organization meetings, events, etc.)
  • Old Business
    1. Join a committee if you have not.
    2. Pennsylvania Primaries: May 16, 2017. All registered democrats should vote (independents are not eligible in PA).
      1. LV4All will be doing more education on candidates until then
    3. Voting – None
    4. New Business
      1. Speaker: Maria McLaughlin – Candidate for PA Superior Court (http://www.mclaughlin4superiorcourt.com/)
        1. Talked about her history, took questions
      2. Healthcare Campaign: Ciaran Gallagher
        1. LV4All is creating a campaign to fight for the ACA and against the AHCA
        2. Volunteers for this new special project are needed. A volunteer sheet went around at the meeting.
        3. Go to http://lv4all.org/acaplan/ for more information
      3. Action Steps:
        1. Letter Writing – Letters to the Editor: Please write letters to the editor for local newspapers. Letters should be no more than 200 words, and may be sent to info@lv4all.org if you’d like us to submit them. Include callouts to Senator Toomey to let him know that voters are watching him
          1. Dave will have a letter to the editor published about school vouchers. The Morning Call will publish it “soon,” possibly this week.
        2. Charlie Dent has tweeted that he wants to hear from constituents on the AHCA. Please contact him to let him know your thoughts.
        3. Tell Toomey: http://lv4all.org/telltoomey/ – We’ve created a script to help members contact Toomey about the AHCA
      4. Discussion
        1. Please patronize places where we’re having meetings, such as Panera and Wegmans
        2. Reminder that the March for Science will be a family friendly event
        3. We will be updating the LV4All Logo. Ciaran will set up a submission page on the website, and will close submission entry for the April 4 meeting, where they will be presented for the members
          1. Must be legible as a button or yard sign and gender neutral
        4. Meetings should be added to community calendars in local papers
        5. General meeting snacks and drinks will be a shared responsibility. Sign up sheets for the next few months went around
        6. We should reach out to more people from Lehigh County, and not just Northampton County. Plans for this will be forthcoming
        7. People Power: on Saturday, the ACLU will be streaming a live “protest class,” helping people identify how they can fight Trump. March 11, 4:30 PM
        8. Facebook: Like us, Share us, RSVP to our events, Share our Events
  • Comments for the Good of the Order
    1. If anyone knows speakers & entertainers for the local March for Science, please give their information to the Outreach Committee, or info@lv4all.org
    2. Bethlehem City Democrats will be having a March for the Environment on April 29, 2017


End of Meeting: 8:02 PM