3/7/17 Meeting Lehigh Valley For All Minutes

Download As PDF March 7, 2017 Call to Order: 6:38 PM Executive Committee Report Vice President: The committee met 2 weeks ago for formation-type discussions. This included dividing duties, what issues will be covered by who, and planning future executive-level communications Treasurer: Current Income: $0 Current Expenses: $0 $10 annual dues were decided upon. The Treasurer will collect dues from members at meetings, will provide receipts and keep records. Revenue from dues will go toward supplies for LV4All activities. Announcement: Meeting Space will be moved to the United Steelworkers building starting with the April meeting. Please bring $1 per person to rent the space Committee Reports Communications: Social Media is now active, so please interact with us. If you have any relevant content you think should be on the Facebook…
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