About Us

“Lehigh Valley For All is a progressive , community-minded organization whose goals are to provide a platform for voters to gain knowledge of the political system and to effectuate progressive policies within their communities through issue campaigns and encouraging our membership to seek office.” – Lehigh Valley For All mission statement.

Lehigh Valley For All was formed in the aftermath of the 2016 elections to connect, organize and mobilize progressives across the valley. By uniting progressives and connecting the disparate movements we aim to build a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

Lehigh Valley For All organizes rallies, provides a platform for progressive candidates, coordinates calls to representatives, builds organizes progressive voters and informs the community on issues affecting their lives.

Like progressives across the country we were devastated by the outcome of the elections in November 2016. No less so because Donald Trump had lost the popular vote and lied about his policies. Whilst these facts offered  little comfort they did create a call to action.

The conclusion we are drawn to is that neither America nor the Lehigh Valley are seeking the return of old prejudices. They do not welcome the class warfare being waged by Trump and his cabinet of billionaires upon the working and middle classes of this country. They continue to demand progress but are unsure of how to proceed. Progressives have been outmaneuvered, out-messaged and out organized. Sheltered by Obama’s veto, unable pass a Republican congress, apathy and complacency set in, frustration turned to division. Now progressives find themselves on the defensive but they are once again electrified with purpose. Unsure of the way forward but certain they will not be pushed backwards.

We aim to provide the resources, information and organization use that energy effectively and bring positive change tot he Lehigh Valley.