The links below will direct you to more information about what you can do to educate and advocate for these issues:

Find your elected officials

Gun Safety
CeaseFirePA is a values-led, human-focused organization dedicated to ending the epidemic of gun violence in Pennsylvania.  See their website.

Getting Money Out of Politics
MarchOnHarrisburg is a non-partisan, statewide, grassroots community reimagining how our democracy operates. Imagine a government responsive to the needs of the people, leaving partisan politics, voter suppression, and monied interests in the past. See their website.

Reproductive Choice
If you believe politicians have no business interfering in the most personal and private medical decisions pertaining to reproductive rights, we encourage you to help us elect candidates who  have been vocal in their opposition to restricting these rights.  Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates  works to achieve maximum public, governmental, and media support for reproductive health care, including family planning.  See their website.

Combatting the Climate Crisis
Penn Environment is a citizen's advocacy group working to build support for specific shifts in pubic policy to support clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife, open spaces and a livable climate.  See their website

Providing a World Class Education in Every Zip Code
We believe every child in Pennsylvania has the right to a public education that prepares them for college and career.  Education Voters Pennsylvania is a non-profit, non-partisan policy and advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure elected officials adopt and implement a pro-public education agenda. See their website.